Garage Doors Traralgon

Professional garage door servicing and installation in Traralgon

Security, aesthetics, and functionality; three key components of a garage door.

Forming a large portion of your home’s façade – and being a facet of your property that you’re likely to interact with every day – it’s important to have a door that ticks all the boxes.

Here at Sale & District Garage Doors, we know the importance of using a quality product. For this reason, we are the official Accredited distributor of B&D doors in Traralgon and the surrounding Latrobe Valley and Gippsland regions. We believe in these products, and with 60 years of innovation behind them, you should too!

Why B&D doors are the leading choice

Security is of key importance when it comes to your garage door. Your home is only as secure as its weakest links – so if you’re investing in secure windows and doors, it makes sense to ensure your garage door is also up to standard. B&D products are equipped with an ‘Auto-Lock’ system that essentially means the door cannot be forced open like other garage doors. Each time the door is closed, a keyless, heavy-duty locking bolt engages automatically; there is no way anyone is forcing these doors open!

Functionality is always important; there is nothing worse than a garage door that is slow, jams halfway up, or is simply unreliable. B&D doors use the latest technology and quality parts to ensure they continue operating smoothly year after year. With 10-year warranties across their door and opener systems, you can rest assured these doors’ longevity live up to the hype!

Aesthetics of course cannot be compromised! There is no point in having a secure, functional door that ruins the appearance of your home. Fortunately, B&D doors have a wide range of options to suit the look of your property, from sleek steel COLORBOND® to match your roof, fascia, and guttering, through to designer options that can be made to measure. Thanks to our ‘B&D to You’ service, it is now possible to view our products in your own driveway – making it quick and easy to find a door material that complements your home.

Count on the experts

Whether you require a door for a new build, wish to retrofit an old carport, update a motor, or simply have your current door serviced, look no further than the team at Sale & District Garage Doors.

We’ve been in the business since 2014, and pride ourselves on supplying the best quality products to Traralgon and the surrounding region – all while offering a friendly, professional service.

We offer both virtual and in-person consultations, allowing our customers to gain all the advice and information they need in a convenient and accessible way. Our friendly technicians are only too happy to help you make the right choice, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have!

For more information regarding our B&D range or to book a consultation, please call us on 0439 960 533.

Coverage Area

Sale & Gippsland Garage Doors are based in Sale Victoria, but we serve a huge area throughout Gippsland and beyond.

We’ve got two service vehicles on the road, as well as our B&D to You mobile showroom, and our coverage area is expansive.

We service the area from Warragul and Darnum to Sale in Gippsland. We’ll also come to you in South Gippsland, including Foster and surrounding towns. In fact, we’ve got the only mobile showroom east of Melbourne, and we’re your only local accredited B&D dealer from Warragul to Sale.

As the only mobile showroom in the Gippsland and Latrobe Valley region, we’re your smart choice for garage door installations and servicing.