Our house faces west, with the large expanse of a panelled garage door taking up part of the facade. As a result, the garage door was subject to the cold, strong south-westerly winds in winter, and the heat of the afternoon sun in summer. The garage, being part of the house, was either freezing cold or boiling hot. ThermaDoor insulation was suggested as way of regulating this, and was installed early this year. This insulation has made a marked difference to the interior temperature of the garage, as well as being a neat way of covering the door. Other benefits have been the increased stability of the panels when there are strong winds, resulting in much less rattling, and quieter operation when being raised and lowered. It really has made sense to complete our home's insulation by installing ThermaDoor in the garage. Joy

Sale Garage Doors installed my new B&D panel lift sectionial door in January 2015. The door has worked well and I am very happy with the end product. Rohan & Sean quoted the door and the price was what they quoted in the time frame they said. It was a pleasure to have them come and do the work for me. Marie Bugeja

Sean & Rohan have been to service my door install weather seal they have also installed a cinderseal around the door. Each time the boys have come they have been on time and have done a great job. I would recommend them to anyone that is in the market for a new door or service work. John Morgan